Our phase III compost can be delivered in bulk or in blocks. By cooling the compost in a professional way we are able to deliver worldwide. The excellent quality and high productivity of our compost are key reasons why our foreign customers opt for CNC blocks


  • Block size: approx. 40 x 55 cm 
  • Weight: 19-22 kg per block 
  • We offer a choice of spawn species for spawnable compost. Ask us about the options. 
  • Supplements can be added to our phase III compost if required. 
  • Spawnable compost is delivered on Mondays. Phase III compost is delivered on Mondays to Fridays. 
  • Blocks are delivered on pallets measuring 1 x 1.2 m. Each pallet can hold up to 65 blocks. 
  • To ensure a controlled process, it is important that the blocks are collected at the specified times.
  • Contact us for prices.  

Would you like to find out more about our blocks of phase III or spawnable compost? Call our sales department on +31 (0)485 49 44 27 or email us at