Legro Mushroom Casing Solutions BV takes over casing soil activities from CNC Grondstoffen BV

Milsbeek, 21-06-2022 

Following the CNC cooperative's takeover by an affiliate of Sun European Partners, CNC has undertaken a strategic realignment of its activities. It has decided to focus on its core activity and will turn all its attention to the production and supply of reliable, high-quality substrates for growing mushrooms and affiliated services. The company took care in searching for a reliable partner to take over its casing soil activities. Ensuring service continuity without compromising on quality and customer service was its priority.

CNC has found a worthy takeover partner in Legro Mushroom Casing Solutions BV (previously known as Topterra). From 11 July, they will ensure that the production and supply to current CNC customers continues. “With their in-house knowledge and expertise, and access to as many as 3,300 hectares of their own peat fields in Germany and the Baltic States, they are able to guarantee continuity and to supply the sector with high-quality casing soil on a long-term basis. In Legro, we have found the right partner to serve our customers appropriately in the future,” explains Eric van Asselt, CEO of CNC Grondstoffen BV.

“CNC’s question as to whether Legro might be interested in taking over the casing soil activities came at the right time for us,” says Franc Swinkels, Managing Director of Legro Group BV. “We have faith in the future of the mushroom sector. That’s why we opened our new, state-of-the-art production site in Cuijk in May 2020. We have sufficient production capacity there to be able to meet the growing demand for high-quality casing soil. We are also testing a number of new ingredients for our different types of casing soil at the moment. We prefer not to do this at our current casing soil sites to make sure no undesirable ingredients are mixed in. Now that CNC’s production site in Milsbeek has become available, this gives us the perfect opportunity to carry out our trials separately,” Swinkels concludes.

As part of the takeover, Legro will acquire CNC's customer portfolio and the assets of its casing soil activities. The staff involved will continue to be employed by CNC.