Quality and knowledge

We are proud to be world leaders when it comes to expertise in producing mushroom substrates. Expertise that we translate into value in high-quality, stable and reliable composts. The best basis for good crop yields

CNC has its own laboratory and R&D department. With the research results and innovations that we produce, we are committed to boosting our customers’ competitive position even further. We monitor customers’ crop and yield data (on a voluntary basis) via our Quickscan. This data is linked to the production and process data from our own tunnel companies, providing us with a wealth of information that we can use to further optimise our products and improve our quality. After all, we want our compost to prove its worth for our mushroom growers every day.


The mushroom market is forcing us to be creative and innovative. This is true now more than ever before. Innovation therefore plays a key role in CNC’s strategy. Thanks to our four-strong R&D team, which works closely with leading research institutions and universities, we are front-runners in terms of knowledge development. Important research areas are better use of substrates, alternative substrates, enhancing the value of residual materials and better detection of pathogens.