Products and services

Mushroom growing has undergone a transformation. More than ever before, efficiency and market-oriented entrepreneurship are key. And not just for growers but for CNC as well. With our economies of scale and specialist knowledge we can produce efficiently and deliver consistently high-quality products. And because we don’t want to stand still, we work constantly on improving and enhancing our products and services. For top growing performance!

Indoor Fresh Compost (IVC®)
The recipe for our IVC® is based on a critical selection of raw materials and laboratory tests. We only work with ingredients that meet the very highest standards. Because all our production takes place in doors, we can fine tune temperatures and…
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Spawnable compost
Our spawnable compost is ideal for growers who grow other mushrooms apart from white and chestnut mushrooms – such as horse mushrooms or wood blewit. Our spawnable compost is produced in Milsbeek and Moerdijk on the basis of IVC®.
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Phase III compost
Our phase III compost is produced in Milsbeek and Moerdijk on the basis of IVC®. With our economies of scale and specialist knowledge of the composting process we can produce efficiently and deliver a consistently high-quality product. Quality you’ll…
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Our phase III compost can be delivered in bulk or in blocks. By cooling the compost in a professional way we are able to deliver worldwide. The excellent quality and high productivity of our compost are key reasons why our foreign customers opt for…
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Simultaneous filling and covering (GVA)
To make life easier for you, we not only produce compost, we also deliver it ready for growing. We know better than anyone that filling the mushroom beds properly is essential for a successful crop. Our specialised GVA operators unload the compost…
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Growing guidance and advice
For us it is paramount that every load of compost a grower buys from us performs well. So besides top-quality compost, we also supply expert advice. This combination of compost and advice delivers predictable results and a good return on your crop…
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