King Willem-Alexander opens CNC Grondstoffen's new Indoor Fresh Compost factory

On Friday 13 April 2018, His Majesty King Willem-Alexander has opened CNC Grondstoffen's new Indoor Fresh Compost factory in Milsbeek, the Netherlands.

Indoor Fresh Compost is a high quality and environmentally friendly ingredient for phase III compost. All 32 tunnels at the new factory started operating at the end of December 2017, so that all phase III compost currently produced by CNC Grondstoffen is based on the Indoor Fresh Compost procedure with an optimal process duration.

CNC Grondstoffen processes more than 600,000 tons of horse manure, chicken manure and gypsum annually to create high quality compost, or substrate, used to grow mushrooms. CNC Grondstoffen is one of the five companies that form CNC Holding. This group of companies has eight branches in the Netherlands and Poland and sells substrates for mushroom growing in more than 30 countries. 

Circular economy

The production process that transforms manure into substrate is environmentally friendly. By fully reusing manure – which is actually a waste product –  as an input resource CNC Grondstoffen contributes to the circular economy. 

During the production process, air scrubbers remove ammonia emissions. The ammonia recovered in this way is reused in the production processes. To neutralise the odour of manure, CNC Grondstoffen uses bark-filled biobeds which contain micro-organisms that absorb the odours. The end product is a sustainable, high quality substrate for mushroom growing. The location of the factory, which facilitates fewer road transport kilometres, also reduces CO2 emissions by two million kilos per year.